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Risks and challenges

Our transparent supply chain is made up of a network of industry leaders committed to the environment and human rights. There are always risks that a business we rely upon has issues. In the event that one or more partners cannot produce as now contracted, we will seek out, and in some cases already have, alternatives. In the event this happens we will update our supply chain and inform our customers.

Long-lasting design
With decades of experience in the clothing industry, we designed and produced our own proprietary fabric in the United States using prime certified USDA Cotton and REPREVE® Reflexx®, made from recycled bottles. This blend gives our clothing unprecedented durability, abrasion resistance, and utility. Since recycled polyester is stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, it decreases the need for washing and increases wearable life. We stress-tested a pair of pants for six months, wearing them 4-5x per week and they are still going strong.
Reusability and recyclability
We plan to implement a take-back program in partnership with Leigh Fibers in Lake City, South Carolina. Our partnership includes engaging in their down-cycle process for taking production scraps and used clothing to create cushions for the car industry. We are also part of their pilot program for closed-loop recycling process whereby in the future we could have our fabric returned to our supplier, Inman Mills, for re-weaving.
Sustainable materials
Our company was built on the premise of using only sustainable materials. Our GreenFlex™ fabric uses low-impact USDA Cotton and recycled plastic bottles. For example, each Green Suit saves 30 plastic bottles from the ocean or a landfill. Our suit lining is also made from recycled bottles. Our labels are made from organic cotton and use only soy dyes. Our suit hardware is recycled. Our packaging is also recycled.
Environmentally friendly factories
We chose suppliers almost exclusively in the eastern United States in order to reduce emissions as much as possible -Certified USDA Cotton Farms & Ginners (South & Southeast - USA) - We work with a collective of U.S. Department of Agriculture certified cotton farmers and ginners along the cotton belt in the south and southeast of America. -Waste Management (Southeast - USA) - WM is a world leader in recycling and sustainability. They collect plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfill or the ocean and provide them to UNIFI, who turns them into a number of upcycled materials, including REPREVE® Reflexx® that we utilize in our GreenFlex fabric. -Parkdale Mills (Gastonia, NC - USA) Parkdale Mills is the world leader in yarn spinning and with that title they have made environmental impact and sustainability a keystone of their company. They are a zero waste yarn manufacturer. Parkdale products have been verified in an independent laboratory and tested for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. -UNIFI (Reidsville, NC - USA) - REPREVE® is the world’s number one brand of recycled performance fiber. It is made from certified, traceable, 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. Unifi sources bottles across the globe in partnership with communities and Material Recovery Facilities, utilizing its partnership with Waste Management. Unifi has developed the U TRUST® verification program to provide customers with the highest level of transparency. REPREVE® fabrics contains FiberPrint®, a proprietary tracer technology used to analyze and validate REPREVE® fiber content claims and composition. REPREVE® recycled materials are certified by Oeko-Tex, GRS and SCS. REPREVE® recycled fiber offsets using new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses and conserving water and energy in the process. - Cervotessile (Italy & Thailand) - Our lining is made by Cervotessile using recycled polyester in line with the Global Recycled Standard - Version 4.0:2017 and is certified with a GRS 2020-018 certification from the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification. The polyester is collected and recycled in Thailand. -Inman Mills (South Carolina - USA) - They have been a leader in textile manufacturing for over 100 years and have been on the forefront of sustainability. -Ultimate Finishing (Rutherfordton, NC - USA) - Ultimate is a family-owned and run business that became the first Certified Organic textile mill in the United States. It is GOTS certified for organic processing of natural fibers. -Hickey Freeman (Rochester, NY - USA) - Our suit manufacturer has been in business for almost 100 years. They are a proud Union shop and have stellar working conditions. -Leigh Fibers (Wellford, SC - USA) Leigh Fibers was established in 1922 but its storied past goes back to 1866 when cotton waste merchant, John Leigh Sr. of Manchester England purchased a cotton spinning operation and ran under the name, John Leigh LTD. He and his sons, George and John Jr. Leigh, grew their cotton waste and reprocessing business. Green Suit is leveraging Leigh Fibers’ 100 years of experience to implement its upcycle and future closed loop programs.
Sustainable Distribution
Our clothing is shipped directly from our factory in Rochester, NY to our customers in order to lessen shipping impact. We use recycled packaging to ship all of our clothing.