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Clothing starts with fabric.

In the beginning, we couldn’t find fabric that was fully traceable back to its raw materials. This was important to us in order to safeguard our values of promoting a more sustainable world. So, we spent years researching and developing our own. Introducing GreenFlex™, a sustainable twill fabric made from 65% certified USDA cotton and 35% REPREVE® Reflexx®, a flexible filament upcycled from plastic bottles otherwise destined for our oceans and landfills. Each suit up-cycles 30 plastic bottles. GreenFlex™ is engineered to stretch, move with the body and recover, keeping the suit looking crisp throughout active use. GreenFlex™ is woven in a 3x1 pattern, meaning there are 3 warp threads (up and down) for every weft thread (side to side). The best denim in the world is made this way. That's because it is the sturdiest weave, providing optimal strength and durability of the fabric throughout years of active use.

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