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Frequently asked questions

What if the suit doesn't fit?
We are fit experts and can match you with the right fit based upon your body and fit preferences through our FitSurvey. In the unlikely event the fit is incorrect, we will replace it with a suit that does fit.
How does the suit fit compared to other brands?
Our suits will fit those who like a trim, modern fit, like the J.Crew Ludlow suit. Those that shop at Rag & Bone, Theory, Brooks Brothers (Slim Fit) and other more tailored brands will like our fit. It’s our intent to limit returns and nail the fit on the first try since these are made-to-order (when you order we make it just for you so there’s no inventory waste). Therefore, we ask that each customer provide height, weight, build and fit preferences for us to cross-check their selected size. These customer details will be analyzed by our team of tailors and “blue-pencil” designers to ensure a great fit from first order.
How do I care for and wash the suit?
It is unnecessary to clean the suit often as the GreenFlex™ is naturally odor and stain resistant. Simply hang the suit up after use and it will be fine to wear thereafter. You can spot clean stains with cool water and natural soap. Line dry out of direct sunlight. You can also dry clean without petrochemicals (like Perc), which can use silicone cleaning that’s safe for nature. Look for dry cleaners that use C02, water or silicone.
Why not organic cotton?
We began the research and development of our suiting fabric with the intention to use organic cotton. Unfortunately, due to the nature of organic cotton, it was too heavy and coarse to make fine suiting. We are currently working on an organic warp and higher volumes of fabric in order to source a finer organic option. This will likely be the focus of Project No. 2.
How is the fabric dyed?
The recycled PET, aka REPREVE® Reflexx®, that we are using cannot be dyed with vegetable dyes at this time. We currently use disperse dying, which is an organic coloring substance. For the cotton, we are using vat dyes, which are natural coloring materials that are solubilized in a vat by the fermentation process called vatting. Rest-assured, For the quality and durability of our GreenFlex™ dying, we are using environmentally friendly chemistry that limits negative impacts on the natural world.
Is this suit for men only?
We believe the GreenFlex™ Suit is for everyone! Although the sizing is designed for standard men's sizing, we'd encourage you to have the suit tailored to meet your specific sizing needs, or enjoy it as an oversized look.
Where do all the suit notions come from?
At the time of launch we are still sourcing the most sustainable thread, zippers and other small notions that go into the suit. These are the most challenging of sourcing, but we are committed to finding the right partners and when we do we will announce it.
How is the suit shipped?
We ship via a compostable bag directly from our tailor partners direct to your door. This offers the least impact to the environment.