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Zero Waste

We’re inspired by the philosophy of zero waste. Our business model was designed to respect this ethos. We started with suits. When we were finished we realized we could make several other products out of the left-over fabric on the cutting room floor. We take this traditionally unused fabric to create our GreenFlex™ Tie and Tote. But we didn't stop there. We're a bunch of higher consciousness-seeking people and it hit us one day - we must make meditation pillows to bring this project full circle. But how could we create the filler needed to pad them? We researched and found our partners at Leigh Fibers in South Carolina (USA) who process scrap fabric into couch filler. We use this filling to stuff our Meditation Pillows covered in our GreenFlex™ fabric. So our suit production allows us to use all scraps to make other great items.

When you purchase your suit, or any Green Suit products, you are supporting a new, transparent standard of traceable supply chains and sustainable production in the fashion industry. You’re also helping to improve the lives of people and the life of the planet. Our partnership with the UN is set for expansion as we look to support their Sustainable Development Goals with future endeavors.

Take Back Program

Most used clothing goes into landfill. Not at Green Suit. When you’re done using our clothing, we’ll take them back for repair, resale or upcycle. Any items returned as part of our Take Back Program that cannot be repurposed are similarly re-processed into filing by Leigh Fibers for use in our Meditation Pillow filling. Nothing goes to waste. For more information on our program, contact